"I am Haus des Rodriguez. I am Alive. I consist of several parts like human body, and all these parts work together as one entity. My soul is Catalina and Mariia. My body is fluid and ethereal, it grows constantly adding up to its structure photographs, paintings, poems, stories, installations and visual sequences. My mission is to carry love, beauty and harmony. I believe in true love and freedom, and I will tell about it with my creations.

I am Haus des Rodriguez".





















In between perfectionism and chaos, calm observation and blind reaction, Haus des Rodriguez is an experience of abundance and paradox. Created by two multidisciplinary artists, Catalina and Mariia, humans asking controversial questions, believers in divine unitarian nature of all that is, they produce artworks molding together ideas, strokes and words in one entity. On canvases they work in four hands, on photo assignments - in two cameras. American based Haus des Rodriguez is breaking the borders between extremes proving single origin of both. 

Their groundbreaking creative capability was applied in projects for such clients as:

African Heritage Festival of Music and Dance, Surrey, Canada;

Yao Zeus Tibou Designer, Surrey, Canada;

Kahini Fashion, Seattle, USA;

Seattle Model Guild;

Numa Model Management, Vancouver, Canada;

Global Indigenous Management: Talent Agency, Australia;

Northwest Tea Festival, Seattle, USA;

Woodward Convention Center; 

Viva Magazine, Ukraine;

1plus1 TV Channel, Ukraine;

LEO Center Ukraine. 


Haus des Rodriguez exhibited nationally and internationally including United Kingdom, Canada and Ukraine. The duo is a part on London Photographic Association based in UK, Contemporary Art Curator magazine in Barcelona, and 5.6 store, Ukraine.