African heritage festival of music and dance 2017, Surrey, BC.

Celebration of vibrancy, color, heritage and power took place in February in the City of Surrey, BC and we feel so lucky to be able to be part of it as dedicated photographers and videographers.

Special thanks to Yao Zeus Tibou and Ezeadi Onukwulu.

Qiana - from Autism and Down Syndrome Project

Fear is the reason why we don't accept each other. There is a circle within which we are cozy, what's behind the line is necessarily dangerous. But let's face the fact - we don't accept each other because we don't accept ourselves. With this project we want to help the community to change the prospective from neglecting to accepting. Love each other is way more complicated, but then why everybody screams that no one accepts him/her/they? Because love is our higher purpose.

This is Qiana. She is autistic. But this does not keep her from being happy, playful and cheerful. Before you tag her with any label or judge her, think twice, because you don't want labels on yourself. What you do for others you do for yourself. With hearts filled with light we are glad to launch this healing project and engage more and more people in it to make our voice and impact stronger. There is a power within all of us - of intention, firstly. Let's support it with our actions.


Haus des Rodriguez_Qiana
 Qiana as a pirate

Qiana as a pirate

Launching project about Autism and Down syndrome.

This idea came to us couple months ago. And when all the circumstances constructed harmoniously together this project launched almost by itself flowing like a perfect song.

It is official - from now on we are welcoming all parents who are bringing up kids with disabilities to participate in photo shoots with Haus des Rodriguez. Our main goal is to raise awareness between the masses about the importance of acceptance personalities who are different from the "normal" ones.

Our first participant is Qiana. Her disability lies within autistic spectrum. Photographing her was pure delight, her mother Cinthia Torres helped us a lot with engaging Qiana in various games. It is unfair to label her or any kid like that "disabled" because everyone deserves full-blooded life without judgement.

This video shows how the process went. Photos soon to come!

GIM Fashion Shoot, Vancouver, BC.

Incredible things happen when you step out of comfort zone. A shoot can be organized even during 24 hours. The main part - we wouldn't be able to shoot these awesome models and outfits without compromising. But the outcome is worth the efforts.

To the joy of all our viewers and readers we present the final product of our photoshoot with Global Indigenous Management, Australia. Click the images to view the entire galleries.

 Root lines I. Talent: Hollie

Root lines I. Talent: Hollie

 Free spirit. Talent: Kali

Free spirit. Talent: Kali

 "Trust me, darling". Talent: Isaac

"Trust me, darling". Talent: Isaac

 Root lines II. Talent: Hollie

Root lines II. Talent: Hollie

"Masters of Illusions" Exhibit

Hello guys,

Haus des Rodriguez in collaboration with Havana Restaurant Art Gallery are hosting a special exhibit for "Masters of Illusions". Join us for Cuban food, music and art. This is a not miss event in the heart of Vancouver,  BC, Canada.

If you are in Vancouver, BC you definitely have to come in, if not drive here for a Canadian golden season and meet the artists. This is the opportunity to know a little better a wonderful team of Haus des Rodriguez, have a bite of Cuban food and drinks, and surround yourself with smiles, art and good vibes. 

Join the artists for reception:

October 16, 4 - 7 pm
Havana Restaurant Art Gallery
1212 Commercial Drive, Vancouver, BC, Canada

See you all there,

Masters of Illusions



Muses crushing into one whole is like to feel wet boots near the ears. Not to allow you to step across the threshold of my expectations, through roses you watch with your warmth dissolving in the hug of the silhouettes. In martial quarrel with a muse we are to the blood in space like blocks of ice in the ocean. Bird, she calls herself a bird and a garden, and cherry freedom and I confess – she scares me at times because I’m weak in her embrace. Us together having measured the steps along, left to scream in the silence with all escort. Her net is so strong you wouldn’t wish it to the worst enemy. But she is alone in her shell, under the soft pillow the day wakes up and the victory stays for the paper. “Look” – she whispers to me with a knife against my throat – “look, I came to you and you didn’t even deign to raise the pen and write...” “I confess” – I scream in the silence, in all absorbing ocean of fear. “I confess” – I have nothing to breathe anymore.

Glance into the face, as if ground fell through the asphalt. Inhale the eyes of electric trains and with black water under the sun we will become birds with you and will sing and will swirl. Just don’t stop half inhaling. “Blind was I, blind” – gazing on the horizon of grey field, scream, I scream.

The table was set up – white table cloth, cup of poison and a pen. On the occasion of the storm paper got wet and letters disappear, as if “look what is your worth?” Everyone will see that you couldn’t write down at least part of your thought in the thunderstorm of events. Hand was sliding on the table left and right. Confessions and curses – what’s next? Lighthouse was blinking far away with a smile unevenly, pulsing in the dark. Darkness seemed to him an old girl friend who he recalled secretly. Too careful are muses when gifting violet roses in a rusted copper and memory comes too often and butterflies like pins look at each other faces.

Столкновение муз воедино – это как чувствовать промокшие ботинки возле ушей. Не дать тебе переступить порог моих ожиданий, через розы смотришь теплотой своей, растворившись в обьятиях своих очертаний. В рукопашной брани с музой мы до крови в космосе, словно льдины в океане. Птицей, птицей она себя зовет и садом, и вишневой волей, и признаюсь – страшна она мне порой из-за того, что слаб в ее обьятиях. Мы с ней, шаги измерив вдоль, в тишине остались кричать всей конвой. Сети, ее сети так сильны – не пожелать и главному врагу. Но она одна в панцыре, под мягкой подушкой просыпается день и победа остается за бумагой. "Гляди", - шепчет она мне с ножом у горла, смотри я пришла к тебе, а ты даже не соизвол поднять перо и черкнуть... "Каюсь", - кричу я в тишине, во всепоглощающем океане страха, "Каюсь", - мне нечем уже дышать...

Взгляд в лицо, словно сквозь асфальт провалилась земля. Вдыхай глаза электричек и с черной водой под солнцем мы станем птицами с тобой вдвоем, и будем петь, и будем кружиться. Не замри только на полувдохе. "Слеп я был, слеп", - устремивши взор в горизонт серого поля, кричу я, кричу. 

Накрыли стол – белая скатерть, чашка яда и перо. По случаю шторма бумала промокла и исчезают буквы – мол смотри чего ты стоишь? Увидят все, что ты не смог и часть своей мысли записать в грозу событий. Скользила рука по столу, то вправо, то влево. Раскаянья и проклятья - а дальше что? Вдали маяк мигал улыбкой, неодинаково, пульсивно во мраке. Тьма казалась ему давней подругой, о которой он тайно вспоминал. Слишком осторожны музы,  когда дарят сереневые розы в ржавой меди и память слишком часто заглядывает в гости, и бабочки, словно спицы, смотрят друг другу в лица.


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Creation of "Castle of samurais" - Studio footage

Buddha knocked at the door and told he would help. And so the creation started.

Samurai is not just a Japanese warrior, but also a national symbol of the "Land of the Rising Sun". The painting "Castle of samurais" was created in December 2015 and inspired by noble spirit these warriors carry and belief that war is the tool of hatred, separation, and manipulation which has to be eliminated. We call ourselves "civilized" people, but take such inhumane measures to prove the power.  

Let's join our hearts with an aim of building, not ruining.

Much Love,

Haus des Rodriguez

Solo of Elegance

Solo of Elegance.

There is just so many interesting places that you can find in the city. The only thing is you have to look closely. So, the other day we had a photoshoot booked with the elegant Ai K. We had a place in mind that we have checked before to make sure it is what we are looking for, but when we arrived at her doorstep, we realized the building were she was living at is so beautiful, and it talks with our style of the shoot , that we had to change the location right away. It was a smart decision! 

Sometimes you have to let it flow...

Here is a small behind-the-scenes video of that day.

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Model: Ai Kawahigashi
MUAH: Kendetta Johnson
Photography: Haus des Rodriguez

Tint School of Makeup & Cosmetology in Seattle, WA.

Photoshoot at Tint School of Makeup & Cosmetology in Seattle, WA.

We had a lovely evening shooting the beautiful Shweta at Tint School of Makeup & Cosmetology in Seattle, WA. A great pleasure to work with professional and responsible people. Keep it up, girls.

Below, is a small video behind-the-scenes at the place.

Model: Shweta Pandey
MUAH: Quincee Camille
Photography: Haus des Rodriguez

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Instincts were spelled on sands but the wind wanted to mess with the mind and never let go the fires in the soul and heart. We know the important role of each of us, but forget what is happiness and independence, what it is to be here and now. These all oceans and seas are meant for us to understand the depth of each apple and taste the happiness of warm sea water. We crave to become everything in this world, but forget to take our heart with us and think with it, think with it.

You get that sense when wondering around redwoods, when you dive into the ocean of freedom, to the sky of bluish thoughts and to the garden full of blossom touches. And each time we face four white walls we fall into the fires of our expectations. This flower is as metallic as every skyscraper in downtown. These veins are as fragile as carrots spread on a cutting board. We are as lotus flowers white, light and lonely. Often don’t admit the importance of blood running in us, that we are circus lions wrapped in our own freedom. Through prison walls we are looking at imprinted results of birds’ actions to taste angry, exhausting flesh of imagination. Fragments of modern clocks as kicks into the groin, swallow soreness as if just out of coma. Guess, right? Brutal and vulgar, through pain because this is so sweet. Double-barrelly.

Hold balance in presence of silence, cynical suicide committers’ and multiple laments, and eternity long kisses. Cyan dawn in the nape of a black octopus, he is earthy but powerful able to become a flame. Predatory-like glancing on the efforts of all of us because space of time is like a foreigner in a desert of phrases. Glances up are priceless, with heads up rolling down. Next result and we think our special forces is our sarcasm, but oh well, the notebook isn't right one and we are criss-cross animals.