1,5 or so

Well hi.

Fake stars soaked in Velvet. Cut. Cut once more and Solder thoughts during the Moment of joy. Surprise. Deep breath of Burning white and walk on Silver needles of Destinations. Wisdom of rebel is not about Inhale, it’s Vibrating Contrast of Lovers. 17

Pink curtains behind black Turkish coffee delight with unbreakable hope for eternal Purity. strong Light in between stubborn “I said!” not helping from Escape hiding behind clown “Yep.” Call for help from underneath the Concrete vice and from above the Useless race in order to give Birth, to feel Labour Pains Through ages of Dust. 15

remains of Savdep (belonging to USSR, Russian argot – Author’s note) feel surfing on Waves of hot and Sharp. “Let me go.” and Flashback self on one bench, “God speaking” on the opposite one. Back in 17 where Gift of Balance Dissolved in Pink confrontation again. through Fur mess firm “Do it” tore apart the skies of Ukrainian Miami and the Burst of Stone machine gun Fire resulted in indifferent “Ha!”. 18

Dawn of Stone burying the Leftovers of Memory while in a Cafe “Cosy cafe” somebody was hiding Inside outs behind “With lemon and sugar, please”. she said “Good morning, darling”, i answered “erase yourself”. so the winter was skipped. Witnesses were green and hopeful. Children of Borshchaga were Mirrors, Windows and Joy, Ants Laughing and pretending Demigod creatures splitting themselves in halves. no one knows how Revealing it was, what was Hidden in between square feet of Bowels. 19

Open mind Awaiting for History of Everything to become One Universal truth. Sequence of Mountains ended up in “sorry, we don’t have any Lemon. Whiskey during Prayer, absence of question “You don’t mind, right?”, totally Green stage, “Seriously?” reaction for finished Vodka. flowers are Party garbage on the second day, Pink anger confronting the destructors over and over again. 16

Every morning waking up and hoping it would be a better day than the day before. We knew very well that naivety caused too much troubles. Flashbacks from the past, bold dreams for future. Red curls were so wonderful in the light of rays. Old camera Zenit which saw childhoods came to document frames of days and smiles. This is how this story was born. “1.5 or so” is a personal photo-essay, film photos exclusively created between December 2011 and May 2013.