Instincts were spelled on sands but the wind wanted to mess with the mind and never let go the fires in the soul and heart. We know the important role of each of us, but forget what is happiness and independence, what it is to be here and now. These all oceans and seas are meant for us to understand the depth of each apple and taste the happiness of warm sea water. We crave to become everything in this world, but forget to take our heart with us and think with it, think with it.

You get that sense when wondering around redwoods, when you dive into the ocean of freedom, to the sky of bluish thoughts and to the garden full of blossom touches. And each time we face four white walls we fall into the fires of our expectations. This flower is as metallic as every skyscraper in downtown. These veins are as fragile as carrots spread on a cutting board. We are as lotus flowers white, light and lonely. Often don’t admit the importance of blood running in us, that we are circus lions wrapped in our own freedom. Through prison walls we are looking at imprinted results of birds’ actions to taste angry, exhausting flesh of imagination. Fragments of modern clocks as kicks into the groin, swallow soreness as if just out of coma. Guess, right? Brutal and vulgar, through pain because this is so sweet. Double-barrelly.

Hold balance in presence of silence, cynical suicide committers’ and multiple laments, and eternity long kisses. Cyan dawn in the nape of a black octopus, he is earthy but powerful able to become a flame. Predatory-like glancing on the efforts of all of us because space of time is like a foreigner in a desert of phrases. Glances up are priceless, with heads up rolling down. Next result and we think our special forces is our sarcasm, but oh well, the notebook isn't right one and we are criss-cross animals.