Plastic bag was thrown on the ground. It needs 100-200 years to decompose. Millions of plastic bags are thrown on the ground, tons of plastic are floating around the world ocean.

I’m afraid of spiders. You are afraid of height. They are afraid of death. She is afraid of water. He is claustrophobic. Our minds are inhabited by tons of fears which pollute our Universe the same way plastic does. One more similarity is that our garbage follows us from one life to another in forms of lessons by the time it is completely healed.

Lessons are inevitable, they face us with a choice: follow spiritual or materialistic path; to progress or to retrogress. Garbage both physical and mental will follow us until we make a decision.

These photographs portray humans wrapped in different plastic but it gives the feeling as if subjects don’t notice a wrap around them. By this we want to emphasise how it is important to take a final decision because the consequences won’t make us wait.